5 Great College Majors in Technology

The stereotypical choices for majors for college students are arts and communications. Arts because it is a romantic choice that comes with a built-in excuse for not being successful. Communications because it is famously easy.

If you’re willing to listen the advice of your elders though, they might nudge you towards a degree in a STEM field. Science, technology, engineering, and math are some of the more practical and profitable fields.

While it may not sound as enthralling as arts or as carefree as communications, these 5 tech programs should appeal to any student.

  1. Santa Monica College – Interaction Design, Bachelor’s Degree

The Interaction Design degree at Santa Monica’s famous junior college is unique and appealing in a couple ways.

It’s the only “interaction design” program in the state of California. Interaction design is essentially the study of graphic design based specifically on how the consumer is going to interact with it. It’s a smart program, and is incredibly relevant to the current job market.

The other thing that makes this degree special is that you can earn it at a community college. It’s a great four-year degree at a low price.

  1. ITT Technical Institute – Electrical Engineering and Communications Technology, Bachelor’s Degree

Schools like ITT Technical Institute have a negative connotation, likely because they have a lot of bad commercials on TV, and are labeled “trade schools.” The idea of a trade school shouldn’t be negative, though. In the current job market, it’s exactly what you need.

This program is available at many campuses around the country and can lead to a variety of careers in electronics, specifically in the communication industry.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Major in Science, Technology, and Society, Bachelor’s Degree

While students should be encouraged to go to trade schools, those who have the opportunity to experience an education like MIT should definitely still do that. Their Science, Technology, and Society program focuses not just on how technology works, but also what it means to the societal space in which it exists.

  1. Evergreen State College – Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts or Science

Evergreen is an alternative learning environment based in Olympia, Washington. Instead of suffering through unnecessary prerequisites in an out-of-date curriculum, you design a personal education with a counselor for your specific needs. And you still end up with a bachelor’s degree.

This program is perfect for a more progressive learner who knows they still need a degree to make it in one of the country’s most thriving fields.

  1. Washington State University – Executive MBA Online

Once you have earned your bachelor’s degree in technology, you may feel that you are ready to go out and take the STEM world by storm. Unfortunately, a cruel reality may come your way. Technology is an incredibly competitive field, and in order to find employment, you might have to create jobs yourself.