7 foods and 1 drink to slim and purify the body

Discover the best foods to lose weight and purify the body for the summer and also a drink that will help you look great. Add them to your predictive shopping list.

The perfect foods to lose weight and purify yourself before the summer

It’s time to save your winter clothes, prepare for the sweltering summer heat and for the dreaded first test of the bikini. It is the moment to put your figure to the point and to look body in the beach and in the swimming pool.

To get slim and boast a stylized silhouette, food is key, and the truth is that the rise in temperatures helps us to follow a more balanced diet, because they crave less heavy and more refreshing foods. We changed the soup for the gazpacho, the cold for the heat. But according to nutrition experts that thermal relief is momentary in both cases. It will be thermogenesis, the body’s ability to consume calories while digesting food.

Discover the basics for a healthy diet before the summer, with 7 foods and 1 drink to include in your diet to lose weight and purify the body. In addition, these foods are perfect for moisturizing, energizing and preparing your skin for the summer. Take note!


The tomato is the first on the list, a seasonal product that becomes the ideal ingredient of cold soups and gazpachos. You can also take it only, seasoned, providing nutrients and few calories. It is ideal because of its high percentage of water, 94.5%, so it will help compensate for the liquid that is lost through sweat.


To chop between hours and also for cold creams and salads, we have the most delicious carrot. This food is rich in beta carotenes, pigments that help us to tan without damaging our skin, while moisturizing and preparing for the summer. Ideal as a cold snack, raw, refreshing and always well presented at the table.


If when the heat comes your blood circulation worsens and your legs swell, nothing like eating nuts. Nuts, also indicated by their energy contribution to compensate for physical exercise, are included in the guidelines to counteract the so-called bad cholesterol.

Sea lettuce

As an exotic element, we can introduce in our menu the lettuce of the sea, an alga that is being collected on our coasts and also trading from our market. It is an edible seaweed with optimal nutritional properties for deficiency states and to cope with the fatigue of the first days of heat. It is rich in all vitamins, especially antioxidant vitamin C and minerals. To highlight their high levels of iron.


We must never stop consuming vegetables and in this case the choice has fallen on beans, since they maintain stable our glucose levels, offering us the sensation of satiety and, in addition, belong to the so-called fat foods. That is, they consume in their digestion, as explained above, more calories than it contributes. They are also a source of protein, in this case vegetable.


The egg, the most complete food you should include at breakfast

The egg is the most complete food to start the day with all the energy and hydration. Yes, because this product is very rich in water and proteins of the highest biological level. Consume it in the breakfast to the iron, with a drop of extra virgin olive oil.


Oysters, a small appetizer of marine product always brings the healthy minerals that energize us, mainly mentally, at the same time that contribute to the sensation of freshness that asks us the organism when it arrives the heat. Rich in water, zinc, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids, oysters are a nutritional gem.

The tea

Finally, tea, no doubt, the fashionable drink. It has different properties according to its color. In these times of spring allergies, red helps us in inhibiting the release of histamine. For its part, green tea is perfect for taking care of cardiovascular health, is loaded with antioxidants, is very depurative and diuretic, so it is expressly indicated for slimming.