7 Secrets Your Movers Aren’t Telling You

Moving is an arduous process that can take people weeks if they’re unprepared. The first time somebody moves, they probably think they can do everything by themselves, but they probably haven’t really thought through all the tasks that are involved. Some people think that the hard part is signing documents, securing a mortgage and finding a good lawyer, and though those can be difficult tasks, they’re not as tired as the move itself.

For starters, people will need to hire a cleaning company to make sure their current home looks as good as new for the next residents to move in. Also, people will need to pack all of their belongings and make sure the packaging they use will keep their valuables safe. Then, they’ll have the huge task of actually transporting all of their belongings to their new property, and that’s not as easy as people may think.

Homeowners may be required to do multiple trips back and forth if they don’t use a furniture removalists in Perth. That not only takes time, it also requires a lot of effort, and that’s why hiring the professionals to do such a task is almost always a better idea. However, there are some things that the movers don’t always make clear to homeowners, and this article intends to shed a light on seven of those things.

Be Aware of These Seven Things

Those who hire removalists can feel rest assured that the company they have chosen will do a good job. However, with regards to the industry as a whole, here are seven things that most people don’t know.

  • The best quotes aren’t found online – The best prices are usually found by having multiple companies visit the household.
  • By the hour isn’t always the cheapest option – In some cases, paying by the weight of the household items rather than by the hour is the cheapest option.
  • The full cost shouldn’t be paid upfront – Some companies may require a deposit, but in general, the total cost shouldn’t be paid upfront.
  • Disassembling furniture will save money – Disassembling furniture means they take up less room, and that can bring down the cost.
  • Any fines received by the company shouldn’t be paid by the homeowner – Homeowners shouldn’t feel obligated to pay any parking fines on behalf of the company, even if they were fined while working.
  • The basic insurance might not cover everything – Homeowners should be aware that the insurance might not cover extremely expensive items.
  • People aren’t always compensated when things go wrong – Movers may say they’ll cover the cost of any damage sustained as a result of their bad workmanship, but that isn’t always the case.

Some of the above points make hiring a moving company sound scary, but there’s nothing to be worried about as long as the best company is chosen. Homeowners who are looking for a moving company may want to ask questions that take the above points into consideration.