A guide to setting up WooCommerce on WordPress

WooCommerce is currently the most popular e-commerce plugin available for WordPress.

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Aside from being one of the customisable plugins around, with hundreds of themes and extensions available, it also has a huge online community – which is always a bonus when looking for a helping hand with your website. Whether you are building a website by yourself or splashing out on the latest WordPress web design in London, it seems WooCommerce is the choice of many.

Installing WooCommerce

As WooCommerce is an official WordPress plugin, the installation is fast and simple to do for even the least experienced e-commerce user.

First off, you need to download the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress repository. To do this, select the Plugins option from your WordPress dashboard and click “Add New”, search for “WooCommerce” and click “Install Now”. This will then ask you to run the set-up wizard – simply click “Let’s Go” to get the plugin installed.

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Configuring WooCommerce

As you should now see, WooCommerce will automatically create Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account pages – click “Continue” to allow WooCommerce to create these for you. You are then asked to confirm your location – select the relevant country and details before continuing. Shipping and tax information is next – again, just select the option relevant to your business and continue on. Now to the ever important Payments page. Set your payment options and your store is now ready to be stocked!

Adding Merchandise

Before introducing your first product you will need to give WooCommerce a bit more information about what it is you are going to sell. This information comes in three self-explanatory sections: Product categories, Attributes and Product Types. Clicking “Products” in the WordPress dashboard will allow you to create your first product. Here you add all detail required, including any visuals or photos as well as descriptions and pricing. Publish it as you would a regular WordPress blog and your product is now live!

Making a simple e-commerce store is relatively straightforward, but you may want to take all the hard work out of it by using one of the many web design companies around, such as https://happy2host.com/, which specialise in WordPress design.

So there we have a simple guide to setting up one of the most popular and powerful e-commerce plugins available on WordPress.