Drive Business Performance with Software and machinery

Software is always a fast-moving industry, and software testing is moving especially quickly at the moment. With a continued drive to ensure that software testing is efficient and effective in order to boost the businesses that benefit from it, new techniques and better methods are constantly being tried out and adopted.

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In the year ahead, a number of trends and developments are predicted when it comes to load testing. Here is a look at a few of the most noteworthy trends.

Performance Focus

Load testing is increasingly likely to focus not only on ensuring that software keeps working but also ensuring that it maintains the best possible level of performance. It is reported that businesses with 10,000 or more employees could lose around US$5 million per hour due to serious performance issues. Key performance metrics such as uptime, speed, and resource usage are increasingly becoming the focus.

Ever More Automation

Load testing is already distinguished by the fact that it lends itself extremely well to automation, and this is likely to become even truer. Automated software testing solutions may begin to automate the few aspects that remain manual and are likely to become more sophisticated in the kind of automation they offer. This is especially true when it comes to mobile applications; the competitiveness of the mobile market makes the ability to automatically create virtual “users” for extensive testing even more valuable.  Companies will also invest in used plant machinery to create an automated assembly line instead of having to hire hundreds of staff.  This is cost effective and some say it’s pointless buying brand new when you can get it at great prices from sites like

Virtual Life cycles

It has always been a simple fact that many bugs and errors will simply not be found until software is subjected to real-world conditions. However, getting things right from the earliest possible stage is becoming more important than ever in today’s market, and the line between pre-release testing and releasing software into the real world is becoming blurred. Load testing is likely to see an increased move towards sophisticated virtualisation of real-world lifecycles to better identify problems before software reaches consumers’ hands.

Improved Web Testing

Despite the growing role of business-to-consumer software and mobile apps that can replace websites to some extent, a business’ web presence remains vital to its operations in the great majority of cases. Businesses are therefore not losing sight of web operations, and some lessons learned through software are being carried back to improve the quality of website load testing.