Five Top iPad Apps for Online Clothes Shopping

If you love online shopping, you will love these top five fashion shopping apps. These apps are all designed to make fashion shopping easier and more fun. Shoppers can look at the latest trends, compare different retailers and share finds with friends.

Every self-respecting online shopaholic should have a handy fashion app to help them along the way. Whether you want to see what the current trends across the globe are, want to create your own style with items from different collections or merely see what items your friends have pinned, there is an app for it.

5. Pinterest
Pinterest is a great place to share pictures of fashion items you have found online. Seen a golf top you love on Le Sports? Pin it. Seen an amazing pair of shoes? Pin it. Pinteresters can follow other users if they like their style or they can just browse through the thousands of fashion pins already up. Pinterest can be accessed online of course but downloading the app to your iPad can make the experience even easier.

4. Style Glider Fashion App
The Style Glider app is a social networking fashion app that lets users share their online fashion finds. Users also create whole looks with items from different ranges and can then show these styles off to friends. This app has a five-star rating on the Apple App Store and is already a firm favourite with fashion lovers.

3. Fashion Trendtracker
This is THE app for women who want to know the latest trends before anyone else. This app receives an average star rating of five out of five. Users of Fashion Trendtracker can read about trend forecasts and the latest fashion trend news. The app is updated daily giving you a constant drip of fashion news. The app is complete with pictures of fashion shows from around the world.

2. Fashion Kaleidoscope
Fashion Kaleidoscope gets ’s 4.5 stars out of five and has already enjoyed much press attention. Users can browse through high fashion pictures and can then be taken straight through to retailers selling similar items. Users can also share their favourites or the items they have bought with friends via Twitter or Facebook.

1. Pose
Pose offers a little bit of everything which earns it the number one spot. Pose also enjoys an app rating of four stars. Users can see what famous trendsetters all over the world are wearing and organise their own personal, favourite items from the collections online. The app can help you shop for clothes you have spotted on trendsetters and to share it all with your friends.

If you love shopping online for fashion having one of these apps to consult and play around with can make it even more fun. Whether you prefer looking for women’s golf clothing, evening shoes, high street bargains or exclusive designers, these apps allow you to play around with looks before you buy and also keep you up to date with the fashion world.