Freelance Academic Writing in the Era of Rising Academic Standards

There are thousands of universities and colleges across the globe: all competing each other. This mad race is raising academic standards every minute. Workload on students is increasing every hour. Previous generations were able to get their graduation and master certificate with only one term paper per semester. Today, students are supposed to submit voluminous assignments every other day and countless numbers of papers and essays per semester.

Increasing Workload on Students

According to Student Academic Experience Survey 2013 by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) half of the students across the globe are expected to work more than 40 hours a week. HEPI has raised concerns if students should be pushed this hard. The survey also concluded that there has been a steady and swift increase in workload since 2006—from 12 hours and 48 minutes to 14 hours and 8 minutes today.

Workload Effects the Psyche of Students

Increase workload has made students frustrated and sick. Academic work that should be a designed to facilitate students in academic learning, is increasing their burden. Even, according to ABC news, suicide because of increased workload, is one of the major causes of death among students. The ABC news, in its report pointed at an incident which occurred in Pennsylvania at Norwood in Feb 2010. ABC reported that students are failing terribly in accomplishing higher standards of terms papers and assignments. The number of students worried because their pending assignments are considerably increasing.

Emergence of Freelance Academic Writing Companies as a Solution

Academic writers and academic writing companies have appeared as a solution to this trouble of students.According to the research of Dickerson (2007) first academic writing company was established as early as in 1960’s. However, its scope was limited. Nearly after a decade the company shifted its services online with the popularity of internet among the students.

Today, there are more than a thousand companies present on the internet providing freelance academic services. In fact, availability of internet and modern technology has provided the solution to all the academic troubles of students. With a considerably less money now students can get their paper, written with no pain on their part at all. On the other hand, freelance academic services have enabled thousands of unemployed degree holders to earn a living by utilizing their knowledge and skills.

Is Using Freelance Academic Writing Services Ethical?

However, serious ethical issues are involved in both hiring a freelance academic writer and working as a freelance academic writer. It is just like academic cheating. The assignments and term papers that are supposed to enhance students’ research skills and knowledge, are not being done by them. Thus, despite mounting work standards, the assignments are failing in enhancing the abilities of students.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the workload on students has been increased too much to be handled by them with ease. Looking for freelance academic services has become nearly a moral certainty. Thankfully enough, standard academic services are available just at a distance of one click. However, they are not a good alternative. There is nothing wrong in going to them for model papers and basic assistance, but most students make their final papers from the ordered papers. And this is entirely the responsibility of a student.