Hip Hop Jewelry: Mouth Grills

The mouth grills came into prominence when they first have seen in celebrities in the hip-hop world. It is not uncommon to see red-carpet events dripping with “ice” and shining with gold around and about the ears, neck, and arms, but now instead of flashing those pearly whites, many celebrities smile with bling – mouth grills. They are offered on some websites and department stores as ready-made kits.

What is a Mouth Grills?

It is a covering for the teeth designed to style the mouth. They are generally made by jewelers once a dental impression of the teeth is made by a dentist. They are encrusted with diamonds, fashion out or precious metals like gold or silver or contain some other precious stones in the metal. They are removable.


Mouth grills are known as mouth jewelry and snap on and off the upper or lower teeth. Some people have opted to have gold, platinum or silver combined with a preferred designed placed permanently on the teeth instead of the removable grill. The only function of a mouth grill is for decoration and design, as that of jewelry. According to the American Dental Association (ADA) grills range in price anywhere from “$20 to thousands of dollars.”


There is a removable DIY grill that can be purchased via online stores, department stores, jewelry retailers and other novelty stores that may sell costume jewelry. However, with any of type of grill, an appropriate model replicating the teeth is important to make sure proper grill fit. As to traditional jeweler and dental design, there is a consultation for design and follow up visits for fit and instruction on proper care of teeth, grill, and gums. Permanent mouth grills are fashioned with filling or crown materials constructed to cover the original tooth at a dental office by a dentist.


Wearing mouth Grillz have dental concerns because it can greatly affect your gums and teeth. Some people are very allergic to the cheaper metals that are often found in the do it yourself kits or ready-made grills. Bacteria and plaque are also taken into consideration when wearing mouth grills as it can lead to gum disease or other problems related to the mouth.


When cleaning mouth grills, hip hop jewelry cleaners and other harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided as they can drip into the bloodstream through the gums or be swallowed, thus possibly causing harmful side effects on you.