Home automation technology to look out for

Smart technology is expanding at an incredible rate, with more appliances than ever before being remotely controllable and network aware. Within a decade, smart appliances and even more complex home automation systems are likely to be staples of our homes rather than an oddity.

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There are a multitude of smart technologies available, but here are seven that you can expect to see in more and more homes in the near future.

Home robotics

Smart hoover robots, such as the Roomba, already exist, as do automatic lawn mowing robots. Also emerging are more ‘fully-featured’ robots, with prototypes existing that can operate machines, perform basic chores, and even serve drinks.

Smarter appliances

While the current generation of smart appliances often involves changing settings from a distance, the emerging generation is far more impressive. Smart ovens, for instance, have the capability to detect what you are cooking and report on how close to being ready your dinner is, even providing cooking suggestions based on what it detects you are cooking!

Lighting and heating

Already very much a staple of home automation, smart lighting and heating can be triggered remotely. Of course you will need to ensure you have a professional Boiler Installation Cheltenham company who knows How to install a boiler to put the system in for you.  You can ensure your home is warm when you walk through the door, for example, or ensure you will never have to fumble for another light switch.

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Smart energy meters

While smart energy meters do not provide too much use to a consumer on their own, you could trigger other smart appliances through an automation system such as IFTTT; for example, washing machines can be set to run automatically when energy prices dip, or to delay if energy prices are high.

Smart toilets

Most people probably think of self-cleaning toilets, which can may be the case; however, smart toilets also have the capacity to analyse urine to detect diabetes, and potentially other ailments.

Home entertainment systems

Integrated entertainment systems – where media can be stored on a computer or similar – are already becoming more common; however, smart systems look to improve these systems through more integration and unified control through an app.

Security systems

Smart security systems mesh traditional security systems with CCTV and the ability to be monitored at a distance. This means you can always keep an eye on your home, or be instantly alerted when motion sensors are triggered.