How much maintenance does a park home require?

More older people in the UK are opting to downsize to a park home; however, one main concern that arises is the level of maintenance needed compared with a traditional build.

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Older people can have peace of mind by knowing that park homes are easy to maintain, with most being very energy-efficient. This makes them a particularly attractive option for prospective buyers who are retiring.

Most of the items required to carry out the repairs to park homes are standard and can easily be purchased on the high street or in DIY stores. Appliances used in park homes are the same sized appliances that are available in high street retailers.

These types of homes are designed to last long term – as long as the property is well maintained, no major work should be required.

Any gas and electrical appliances should be checked every year with an engineer; in fact, residents can sometimes avail of a discount scheme for group jobs. Older park homes – those more than 20 years old – may require re-cladding. Anyone purchasing an older home should have a full survey carried out; however, any work required is likely to be cheaper than with a traditional brick build.

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Some repairs are covered by the pitch fee

Some repairs will come under the remit of the site, with this work taken care of by the owner and covered by the pitch fee. This can include the base upon which the home is situated, lighting, wiring, tanks and pipes. Boundary fences, trees, hedges and drains will be taken care of by the park maintenance staff.

A sense of community

Anyone interested in this way of life can choose from the many park homes for sale in Gloucestershire and across the country. Accommodation at sites such as comes in the form of bungalows and older residents can enjoy a community feel.

According to B Daily News, an increasing number of over-45s are seeking to downsize.

You should be aware of your rights when it comes to the upkeep of the home and to differentiate between what is your responsibility and what comes under the remit of the owner. It is important to clarify these finer details during the purchase process and to obtain everything in writing.