How to get employee relocation right

Being offered the opportunity to take up a position with one of their company’s overseas divisions is a dream come true for some employees, and perhaps the worst nightmare imaginable for others; especially in situations where economic pressures make such an offer an instruction rather than an invitation.

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Either way, the entire process will inevitably involve a fair measure of anxiety and fear, alongside excitement and a whole host of questions and legitimate concerns. For a successful relocation, it is critical for employers to get things right from the beginning, which is why many choose to utilise employee relocation services, with experts on hand to advise at all stages and help things run as smoothly as possible.

Key tips for successful employee relocation

Advance notice

Employees should always have time to opt for a job with another company if they do not want to relocate or to prepare for the move itself. Overseas postings will raise issues about schooling, housing and family connections which need resolving before a successful move can happen.

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Provide detailed information

Overseas relocations are more successful when employees have had the chance to learn about their intended new location. Make use of various media forms such as Facebook groups, YouTube videos, photographs and travelogues to get both written and visual information on the landscape, food, housing, weather, dress sense, local schools and more. If possible try making a short visit before the actual move date as this is a rare but valuable opportunity to really get a feel for a place.

Language learning

Ideally, employees would have the chance to at least get familiar with the basics of a new language, or brush up on any latent skills from their schoolday learning. At the very least, there should be a clear plan for language lessons in place once the relocation is complete.

Support on arrival in new location

Dedicated staff with experience in helping new arrivals settle into a new country, as well as guiding and supporting them through processes such as house hunting and buying a car, are vital – Many businesses choose to use a specialist company such as to deal with this area.

Although relocating is a major move for both employee and employer, with the right approach to the process there’s no need to assume it will be terribly stressful.