How to Select the Ideal TV Stand or Media Cabinet for Your Television

You’re looking for at your TV stand and are wondering what kind of media cabinet or TV stand would fit your TV best. It’s a common question, because it’s not just a matter of choosing the one that can offer the right support, it’s also about selecting the one that fits best with your existing décor. The procedure is also made a little more complicated due to the fact that it’s incredibly annoying to bring your TV to the shop to see if it actually fits on the media cabinet or TV stand. There’s no reason to worry, however: there are some simple rules that you can follow to make the right choice. Here’s how to select the ideal TV stand or media cabinet for your television.

Get the right TV measurement

Chances are that your TV will be a flat screen – and whilst this is a great thing, flat screens tend to be harder to balance on a stand because their centre of gravity is located on a very small area. Whilst it would be ok to have your TV go beyond the sides of the stand or cabinet, the support of your TV should completely fit within the borders of the top surface of the stand or cabinet.

Safety first

Stability is important, so make sure your stand or AV media cabinet can support the full weight of the TV, and that any wiring can safely be either hidden or organised in such a way that it doesn’t become a hindrance to any people who may be bumping against the stand or, even worse, the TV itself.

Just some examples

To give you an idea of how large your stand or TV cabinet should be, there’s a table that might be of help. The measurements that are mentioned here are based on a 16:9 ratio screen size (meaning, the width to height ratio of the TV is 16 to 9).

Measured in cm or inches:

  • A TV of 30 units needs a 28 unit support
  • A TV of 40 units needs a 37 unit support
  • A TV of 50 units needs a 46 unit support

Of course, when it comes to style and sense of beauty or aesthetics, you have to decide for yourself – each person’s preferences are different, and there are plenty of designs and colours to suit most anyone. How you select your TV stand should, in fact, be based on safety measures first, practical considerations second, and sense of beauty last of all. Measure your TV, take some pictures of where the TV stand or media cabinet will come to rest, and please your sense of style once all other considerations (including budget) are taken care of.