How to use branded copywriting to drive SEO conversions

You can have a perfect SEO strategy that drives huge quantities of traffic to your site, but if that does not convert to sales, what is the point? The main focus of your content is to convert those visitors to paying customers and clients. By using the best copy on your site, which reflects your brand values, you can make it work.

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Here’s how you do it:

Website conversion rates

According to the Search Engine Journal conversion rates are very different in different industries. If you have a professional services site you can expect rates of 10%, but if you have an e-commerce site they will be more like 3%.

If you are unhappy with your sales, you have to either increase your traffic, and hope that some of them buy your product, or stick with the same traffic and increase your conversion rates.

If you are going to invest in White Label SEO services from a supplier such as it makes sense to make the most of increased traffic.

The importance of branded copywriting

Branding is becoming increasingly important. Visitors to your site now expect to get a feel for what you are all about. They want to feel a connection with what you are trying to achieve, and that will make them want to buy your products or services.

They will want to know what your values are, and that will build up trust. Once they trust you, they will become customers.

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The very best SEO copywriting is a lot more than churning out articles that are packed with keywords. It’s all about having a ‘voice’ for your brand. It’s perfectly possible to combine a clever SEO strategy with innovative and informative copy.

You need to know who your target audience is and speak to them in a way that they will find attractive. Keyword density is becoming less and less important.

You need to get across the things that make your product or service unique. What makes you different, and preferable, to all of your competitors? Make this clear in your articles and web pages.

Define your ideal client – the more targeted the better. Remember that you can’t please all the people all of the time, so focus on the ones that you can please. Solve their problems.