Industrial Design – A Style that Never Goes out of Fashion

Inspired by the factories and industries of the Industrial Revolution, industrial style design is something that is both popular and edgy and is certainly not going to be falling out of favour anytime soon. From whole buildings and apartments to items of furniture and accessories, there are many ways that you can bring this particular style into your home, and it is up to you how far you want to take the look.

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These sorts of styles started to become fashionable when artists occupied cheap, ex industrial buildings in London. When places like this start to become more fashionable, people take an interest in it – in this case, this style of exposed brickwork and pipes, courtesy of the old Victorian buildings. Soon, designers and architects were starting to design homes and businesses, and it was a style that became particularly popular in the fashionable world cities, such as New York and London.

As well as the fact that whole homes are designed this way, people who like the look and the style can also create certain parts of it themselves or incorporate it into their homes with furniture and accessories. An industrial style dining set is a great way to make a statement in the home for example without having to make any actual physical changes to the building or to the structure. Art and ornaments, as well as things like lamps, are also a really good way to bring an element of the style into your home without making huge changes.

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Something else that you can do if you want something that is truly unique in the industrial style, is make something yourself. Copper pipe like this can be used to create some of your own ornaments – there are loads of tutorials online that you can use to get ideas, and to help you to create some of your own unique creations. Social media, like Pinterest and Instagram are also great ways to get some inspiration for how you can start to bring styles like this into your home and into particular rooms, so have a look first and work out how you can incorporate it in a way that suits your personal style and your own home.