Kitchens of the Future: Top Tech in Commercial Kitchens

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There is nothing quite like the buzz of a restaurant kitchen during lunchtime orders. The pressure to feed your customers quality food as quickly as possible can see the pressure inside the kitchen increase to boiling point. Chefs and their sous chefs need all the help they can get, and thankfully there is a range of technology to take the weight off your staff’s shoulders. Here we will look at a number of top tech inventions for a commercial kitchen.

Drop Kitchen Connected Weighing Scales

The Drop Kitchen Connected Scale and Recipe App make the perfect combination for the commercial baker. The scales link to an app on a phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, and it offers suggestions if you’re short of an ingredient.


Do you find your business is always throwing food out, as you can’t remember when you first opened that jar or bottle? If that’s you, then you need a DaysAgo digital counter that will automatically and accurately tell you how long your food has been open for.

Samsung Family Hub Multi-Door Fridge

This American-style fridge-freezer has a mind all of its own thanks to the smart display unit built into it. Watch TV or listen to the radio, order directly from wholesalers from your fridge with built-in apps and monitor the freshness of food through an internal camera.

Below Ground Grease Trap

Grease blocking sinks and pipes after washing dishes and appliances is a real headache. However, below ground grease traps are an intelligent way to separate grease and food waste from your water. These grease traps, available at sites such as, are particularly handy if you own a large kitchen that serves a lot of covers.

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Smart Kettle

It’s estimated we waste up to two days a year simply waiting for the kettle to boil. Just think what your staff could have done with those two days! The smart kettle, which links to an app on a phone or tablet, allows you to pre-boil a kettle so your water is piping hot when you need it.

Catersave Europe Odour Management System

This system uses plant-based liquid to destroy odour molecules within your kitchen ducting. It’s the only system available that cleans the air and directly targets the nasty smells that permeate from your restaurant’s kitchen.