Major Predictions About How The Online World Is About to Change in Near Future

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Every industry is prone to predictions, where the gurus, who have achieved success in the industry, predict the changes that will take place in the near future, and affect the functions of industry. These predictions are made on the prevalent trends, and the participants of the industry take the necessary measurements to cope up with the changes that are about to take place in the years to come.

The online industry is a world in itself, where there are competitors, looking to take the better share of the market, by beating each other. The lines below give a few major predictions that are going to change the way we perceive the online world.

1. Facebook Fading:

Though Facebook is the ‘thing’ nowadays, but it surely is about to fade, because no matter how good it is for individuals and personal users, it still does not offer a substantial ground for a web marketing company to earn money from. The case of Facebook would be the same as it happened with MySpace, and Orkut. Guru Webmasters predict that Facebook will not be as charming and as attractive by the end of year 2012.

2. Google-Apple War:

Though Google is the king in the online world right now, but Apple is its next to kin. Google might be good at adopting things, but Apple is good at creation. These two companies have been rivals for a long time, and in the coming future, Apple with its creativity is expected to supersede Google. Initially Apple will bring a few services in competition with Google, and then there will be a full on war.

3. Deflation in Service Charges:

With rising prices, and the economic crisis, the outsourcing of jobs and processes will continue, and will continue till a company get services on the least cost possible, meaning that business would get the cheapest SEO and PPC campaign management services.

4. Geo Arbitrage:

The concept of online arbitrage is going to become a wise strategy in the future. The trend now is that, people would invest in an online business in a cheap market, make it achieve success and wait for reaping its benefits. On the other hand, the smart people would invest in a thing in cheap market, make it better, and sell it on higher price to others in developed market, and move on to some other thing.

5. People Looking For Solutions to Problem:

The economic downturn has forced people to do things which they are not used to of doing, thus the chances of them facing a problem increase. Therefore, in the coming years, people won’t be using internet for leisure, rather they would be using it to find solution to their problems. Therefore, businesses need to be more problem solving than selling their service.

Other Changes:

The other major changes that are going to take place in the online world are:

  • In the coming years, internet marketing would be adopted as a second career, if not a primary career.
  • The three markets that are going to face continuous boom are, obesity, seniors, and eBooks. A huge number of people are obese and would require assistance, old people need their things done so would most certainly require assistance, and with market of eBooks growing, websites like Amazon would definitely want international book translators.
  • With changes in algorithm, by the end of this year, Google won’t tolerate any kind of spammy content or spammish writing.
  • The online market will favor only the small scale or large scale businesses. No, middle scale business would survive in the online market.


In short, this year and the start of next year will definitely change the way we see the online world. The above given predictions are made on the basis of prevalent trends, which will be seen in their full effect by the end of this year.