Services you can outsource for your business

Some businesses don’t have a problem handling their daily activities but need help from outside to take on fresh projects that do not financially warrant hiring another employee. Other businesses are so busy that they simply struggle with the management of daily business. Others are looking for ways to get more done or cut costs in this challenging economy.

There are a lot of strong reasons to consider outsourcing and these are just a few:

Greater concentration on core business activities.

Increase opportunities for growth.

Improve your bottom line by reducing your expenses.

Here’s what be outsourced.

  1. Administration

Booking travel, typing reports, entering data and other admin tasks can often be taken care of by a dedicated admin service or virtual assistant. While these tasks are essential to the proper functioning of any business, they are not usually the core business activities.

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  1. Groundworks and Maintenance

Facility management is often outsourced due to the many benefits it can bring a busy business. Tasks such as cleaning, repair, security, janitorial services, electrical and plumbing work can all be handled by a facility management company. For Facilities management companies Bristol, visit a site like

  1. Lead generation and customer service

Sales calls are usually a matter of quantity; the greater the volume, the more leads and sales. After the initial sales call has been made by an outsourced company, the next stage can be handled by an internal sales force. A good salesperson’s gifted skills can be better utilized in closing the sale and handling of clients, rather than making cold calls. Greater efficiency can also be gained from outsourcing customer support rather than maintaining a quality support staff.

  1. Accounting and financial tasks

Accounting services are able to assist with a lot of financial services including bookkeeping, accounts, invoicing, reports and analysis. Choosing to outsource the payroll processing, for example, can spare hours of headaches and a lot of money. Financial contractors will often combine services for even greater savings.

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  1. Marketing

How well a brand is marketing affects its standing in the market. A marketing business can bring a fresh perspective that an internal in-house department cannot. Good freelance writers can develop high quality, polished content that will increase marketing efforts. Website design, brand development, press releases and online marketing tasks such as social media, blogging and SEO practices are strong candidates for outsourcing as well.

  1. IT operations

It can be very expensive to handle IT operations in-house. Average businesses have limited ability and knowledge to manage all their IT needs. Unless you are an IT company, IT is involved in maintenance and improvement of function and not a core business activity. The savings that can be made by outsourcing IT tasks are significant.

  1. Human resources

The hiring of staff and human resources functions can be easily supplied by outside agencies. Companies outside could be more skilled in advertising, screening applicants accordingly and checking references. Using HR or employment services for managing employee benefits could also be wise, because they have to keep up to date on the latest labour laws and standards.