Styling your Hairs? Only the best curling iron can help you out!

Hair styling is very common since ancient days and at the same time this perennial question has haunted every woman who wished to have their hairs look something different. Curling irons, as the name suggest, help to form waves and curls in hairs and are regarded as a styling kit. For those who want to transform straight and flat hairs to beautiful curls, curling irons work as a magic wand. But there are many factors to be considered for choosing the best curling iron as what may be best for others may not be suited for you.

Selecting the best curling iron

Many curling irons are available in the market in different shape size and price levels. To choose the best it is vital to consider its suitability for your particular type of hair and the frequency of curling you wish to do besides other features.

Fine or thin hairs are the weakest type of hairs. These are usually prone to greasiness and breakage and therefore to be treated very carefully. Curls add a great style to fine hairs. By curling fine hairs it is possible to add volumes and thus creating a romance for the everyday hairs. But as it always happens with everything, fine hairs also have its pros and cons. These are easier to curl but these get damaged by heat easily. As such one must be cautious while choosing the best curling iron for fine hair.

How to find the best curling iron for fine hairs?

Here are the three great tips for choosing the best curling iron for fine hair:

Adjustable heating option:  Fine hair requires less heat to curl and, therefore, there should be adjustable heating option. There are curling irons that show only high and low heat settings. It is better to have one with a dial or other display device that displays the degrees for ensuring better control.

Size of the barrel Size: This is also vital. Curling iron with bigger barrels produce looser curls while those with smaller barrels create tighter curls. So one must choose the barrel size depending on the length of the hairs and the types of curls wanted. Generally curling irons under an inch serve best. One may use the tapered curling wands that provide multiple options in one tool.

Material There are lots of buzz about curling irons. For fine hairs it is better to stay away from metal as it may result burning of hairs. The best curling iron for fine hair should preferably be made of ceramic or tourmaline that evenly distribute and transfer heat for getting amazing curls without any damage to the hairs.

Types Curling Irons

There are curling irons that make different types of curls. These are the curling iron with clamps, curling wands without clamps and the conical wands that come in different sizes and shapes. The number of times it can be wrapped around determines the curl. As such it is important to consider the size of the curls for getting the best curling iron.