The Healthiest Sleeping Positions

There is a multitude of information on the best and healthiest positions for sleeping.  Every “expert” though has a differing idea of which position is the most beneficial. If you have a disease or illness that could be aggravated by how you choose to curl up at night the best option would be to talk to your doctor or a specialist.

Sleeping on your stomach
When sleeping on your stomach it is common to put your arms up overhead or cross them under the pillow. This can cause the nerves in your arms to be compressed and that limits blood circulation. This is characterized by that tingly feeling much the same as what is experienced when your foot or leg falls asleep. While some believe that sleeping in a prone position can aid digestion, others believe that this position puts unneeded pressure on the lungs and breasts.

If you would like to improve this sleeping position, use a body pillow on one side. Another option is to remove your head pillow and place it instead on your hips.

Sleeping on your back
This would be the one position that most agree is not good for anyone. Sleeping on your back can cause snoring because your tongue falls to the back of your mouth; this can make breathing more difficult and lead to a restless nights sleep. Moving up into a half sitting position can be beneficial for people with heart failure, respiratory issues, glaucoma or acid reflux.

If you are not ready to give up sleeping on your back, try placing pillows under your knees and the small of your back.

Sleeping on your side
One point of view is that this is the healthiest position when slightly curled with your arms folded regardless of the side you choose; however, in the case of kidney stones sleep on the side that is not affected by them and for high blood pressure sleep on the left side. Others say that you should only sleep on the right side because sleeping on the left puts a strain on your vital organs. Another variation for side sleeping is laying long and nearly straight with your arms out in front of you, some believe that this will aid people with back issues.

In addition to sleeping positions, the bed you sleep on is also really important: choosing the right kind of mattress can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. Since some mattress retailers charge exorbitant prices for the better quality product, it’s always worth it to look for a mattress sale nearby or even online.

The only person who can tell you the sleeping position that is perfect for you is a specialist. They will consider all issues that you are afflicted with and formulate their recommendations using that information.