The SEO tips and tricks that all good web designers know

Putting all your efforts into the design of your website will make it look great, but this alone won’t attract the attention of your intended audience. Engaging in SEO, and knowing which tips or tricks to employ, is also required to make your site visible. Here are those SEO strategies that every good designer is well-versed in.

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Staying up to date

SEO isn’t a one-time activity. Once you start using SEO strategies, you need to keep them updated if you want to remain high up the search rankings. Even SEO that was carried out a year ago would be considered outdated, so keep on top of the latest trends in this area. If you work with a web designer, they’ll be able to help with this.

Often, updating your SEO can include adding new plugins or changing the back end of your content management system.

Giving dead links the heave-ho

Dead links are bad news. Full stop. End users find them frustrating, and search engines deplore them. Those sites that let dead links flourish will quickly find them spiralling down the search listings.

What constitutes a dead link? According to Business2Community a dead link is a link that has stopped taking visitors to the original page. This can occur if pages have been changed or removed.

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Keeping content current

It’s not just the way your site looks that’s important for SEO, but what you include on your site matters, too. Content is king, and having updated, fresh and relevant content on your site will do wonders for improving your search ranking. This can be everything from images of work your Concrete Gloucester company has completed or testimonials from happy accountancy clients and regular blog updates on your business industry.

Publishing content regularly is essential, but that doesn’t mean to say you have to start from scratch each and every time.

Look for those items of content that received lots of views or comments, and think of ways to rehash them, in a new or more current light. You could update content with news, or repurpose it into a different format. Written content could be transformed into visual media, such as an infographic or made into a video or tutorial. Again, expert web designers can advise on the best strategies to use.