Wood flooring trends to look out for in 2017

Laminates will be leading the curve in 2017 and here are the reasons why:

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Green credentials

Laminates recycle pulp that would otherwise go for burning or landfill. It’s a cheap material that does not impact on rainforests. It contains less pollutant chemicals than vinyl, and if taken up, it can still be reused or recycled. As government commitment to environmental targets gains pace, laminate flooring will be an attractive option.


Repellent dust free surfaces are a boon for allergy sufferers. The number of allergy sufferers is a rising trend and the search for solutions will carry laminates along with it.


Laminate boards cost, and can be fitted, for so much less than timber, that they’re certain to be a preferred solution to worn floors. They simultaneously serve some of the purposes of floor coverings too such as appearance and bounce. Brexit and the devalued pound will affect their prices less than imported lumber because they can be made anywhere there’s wood pulp to recycle.

Creative choice

There’s now a huge range of exotic wood grains and stone textures available, some of which you can see here http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/laminate-flooring, yet the surface has hardly been scratched of what’s possible, as any image that can be created can be embedded into a laminate. In music we’ve seen natural sound supplemented by digitally textured tones and the same revolution is coming to building materials. Already people are mixing laminates to create abstract patterns or highlight special areas, using irregular widths in creative ways, and choosing extreme shades in preference to those that emulate ordinary wood.


The last government introduced regulations about noise insulation. A properly floated laminate floor with an inexpensive acoustic underlay can easily achieve these targets. Even if the floor is already down, it can be lifted, new underlay inserted, and put back. Underlays include composites, rubber and cork and they can often improve several things at once – noise suppression, bounce, warmth, imperfections in the sub-floor, and helping the laminate react to temperature change without distortion.

Wider longer quicker

In times of recession people find they’re working longer hours, this means less time for DIY. Laminates are lightweight, easy and quick to install, and a developing trend toward wider and longer boards will make fitting even quicker.