Spoonbill, the ultimate tool to ‘stall’ your contacts on Twitter

Spoonbill is a tool that serves to see the changes made in your profiles by the users that you follow on Twitter, that is, it tracks the bio of your contacts, and the rest of the information they include about them , such as websites, location and names.

Beyond “stalking” the people you follow on Twitter, this tool can be very useful in a variety of cases. On Twitter we do not usually follow only friends and family, also public figures, people who work in the same field as we, celebrities, or people we admire. A bio change can alert us to many things .

Spoonbill has become one of my favorite tools, it is a very immediate way to find out about important changes in the lives of the people you follow, or the companies and brands that you follow on Twitter .

How to use

  • You register in Spoonbill simply by connecting your Twitter account
  • Spoonbill take a look at all the people you follow
  • The tool checks every so many minutes to see if anything has changed in your profile information
  • If someone changes something, they record it
  • From that moment, every day (or weeks) they send you an email with the list of changes

If the people you follow on Twitter take their presence on that network seriously, they are likely to modify their profile when there are important changes. Maybe a new job, a new project, a move, etc. Receiving a daily email with these changes allows you to be much more aware of those things than watching your own timeline, which sometimes flies too fast.

In addition to receiving the mails in your inbox with the parts of the profile that were changed highlighted (in green the new, in red what was deleted), you can also enter the Spoonbill website and see a history of the changes since you are following up

Personally, I am a total fan of this tool, which I can not say is completely free . I guess the more you use Twitter and the more you like to have as much information as possible about your contacts, the better it will come.