How does one become a computer expert who analyzes hard drives?

Have you heard of computer expertise? If the answer is “no”, quiet. Today we will try to solve all your doubts. In recent times the profession of computer expert has been gaining more weight. In fact, it would suffice to go over some of the most important media events in recent times, in which more than one occasion has been necessary this figure to determine whether there has been a deletion of data on a computer (sound familiar, right?).

How does a judge, who has specialized training in technical matters, how removed a technological test to assess whether admitted or not? How to acquire evidence to expose lawyers to court? It is then, when I see you involved in some kind of problem related to this area, when you need expert advice and will come into play the figure of computer expert. But what exactly does a computer expert and what to do to become one?

become a computer expert

Getting Started: What is the computer expert?

We start with the beginning of time. It is important to be aware that in many legislative frameworks in different countries, the collection is limited with judges and courts when assessing cases in which a highly specialized knowledge is necessary, expertise of those who obviously lack.

Precisely at that time and for that purpose, experts figure emerges. People dedicated to a specific sector whose performance is simply vital when assessing facts in an objective manner, and advise the judge or the Court when their jobs.

The computer expert is the sector that concerns us today. This is a type of expertise, a legal figure, which was created to give support to individuals, organizations and / or companies (both public and private) in resolving disputes or problems related in some way to computer in court.

“The computer expert, because of their training in college, is trained to perform forensic analysis, extract information from physical devices, generate computer evidence from evidence, investigate the above evidence, draw conclusions from them and translate these findings in reports that it is able to defend before the courts, with simple and plain language, oblivious to mislead the judge technicalities” explains the IT expert Javier Rubio Alamillo.

We are talking about situations such as the irregular use of email, piracy, violation of privacy or security in this area, the intentional file deletion, manipulation software, etc.

So far everything seems more or less simple. But the computer expertise is complex world, even as regards their training.

The formation of a computer expert, history of “labor intrusiveness”

The first step you should take a computer expert to perform the exercise of their profession is to be enabled for it. That is, have a background in Computer Engineering or Computer Engineering . And according to the Law of Civil Procedure in article 340, any expert shall be compulsorily an official certificate that corresponds to your profession.

Conditions of experts

  1. The experts must have the official title appropriate to the subject matter of the opinion and the nature of it. If in the case of materials which are not included in official professional titles will have to be appointed from among persons skilled in those matters.
  2. Also may be requested opinion of Academies and cultural and scientific institutions dealing with the study of materials relevant to the subject of expertise. They may also give its opinion on specific issues legal persons legally entitled to do so.
  3. Where the preceding paragraph, the institution to which the opinion is in charge will express as soon as the person or persons will be directly responsible to prepare, which oath or promise is required.

In addition the expert must be registered with either a College of Technical Engineers in Computer Science or a College of Computer Engineers.

Although it seems that this is not entirely true when he moved to the practice of computer expertise, day – to – day profession. José Navarro, president of the ASPEI (Professional Association of Expert Computer) clarifies that “in our country, Law It requires formal qualifications (if any) for the field of knowledge or experience of the expert. In this case, it could be interpreted that should be enforceable in a formal qualification on computer, but in our country the labor market and reality is that half of IT professionals come from university courses no computer skills (mathematics, physics, biology. ..) and practice is not required in court.”

And it is that today we find many options of specialization in unofficial computer expert, i.e. regardless of whether it is or not a Computer Engineering or Computer Engineer. That is why students who are part of these “courses for hours” (often remote) will never be proficient holders, i.e. qualified experts.

Being aware of this fact, it is important that in case of need as clients the services of a computer expert, we have in mind if an expert holder or owner.

“The customer should be able to differentiate and require that the computer expert is referee, as a guarantee that an engineer or engineer, as the Justice always going to give more value to the expert report of what the law itself is called a expert holder (entitled) that the report of an expert not holder (untitled) ” confirms the computer expert Javier Rubio Alamillo.

Since Cedesa, business development and integration of dedicated largely to computer expert software systems, ensure that this is not enough, they are not worth courses of 40 hours or 600 hours to do in a weekend which aims to sell the formation.

“No doctor could get his medical degree online, much less on a weekend, and it shows when we serve customers who come from other professionals or companies and discover the complexity of the work and the importance of knowing the sector”, says Suso Merino, computer expert and CEO entitled Cedesa.

The continuous updating of knowledge is vital

Of course, we are talking about a field that is making strides. Today’s technology is not the same as 10 years ago. It’s not even the same that a couple of them. Simply look mobile we had in our hands just 5 years ago and how they have changed from those now found in stores.

The techniques of information theft, handling software, any computer “ruse” … everything moves with astonishing speed. What serves today, tomorrow may be removed. This is the technology in the XXI century and so is leaving us increasingly exposed.

Computer experts are among the professionals who daily have more room if they want to be leaders in their work and stand out above the rest when it comes to helping their clients. One is required continuing education, but also that “bug” for being up to date on the latest technology updates, an intrinsic grasp of knowledge in the sector.

By knowing what the latest tool used to hack a phone to monitor software, how to improve the ability to delete or retrieve data from a computer … But also the latest in knowledge of laws in this field, etc.

“We must be up to date both in training and in the use of hardware and software tools. Training is essential and, in this profession, it is extremely expensive”, says Rubio Alamillo.

“It is necessary to attend courses and seminars mainly on procedural law and audit and information security. And the tools that you should use an expert are also very expensive, costing any machine that used to clone hard drives or to investigate mobile devices, up to several thousand dollars, which of course have to pay out of our pocket”, he says.

The profile of the computer expert: A “brave” Computer Engineer

As in certain types of professions, we can find a similar pattern profile or individuals engaged in computer expertise, although it may seem less obvious to the naked eye. And it is that not all Computer Technical Engineers and Engineers are valid for this type of work.

From the ASPEI ensure that there is a profile of people who are inclined to take up this profession, and usually coincides with Computer Technician looking for a professional supplement to their current occupation. However, the computer expertise requires significant dedication as they have to maintain expertise in computer along with a basic knowledge of law and procedure which access is difficult for a computer.

Indeed dedication and effort more than important, since we are talking about a complex world that requires a large daily sacrifice in hours, constantly updated, in methodology … much more than it seems from the outside. In fact, many people who opt for this profession decide to leave soon after having taken the step.

“The perfect profile for this profession would be a Computer Engineer who does not fear to spend more than two weeks developing a technical legal document”, says Suso Merino of Cedesa.

“Many professionals who are new to this field leave for the great effort of having to write more than 200 – page report in which purely just part of evidence and data occupy 5% of the effort. It should be realistic vocation and that much of the work involves the drafting of a document associated with the technical tasks carried out “sentence.

Smartphone, computer, tablet, smartwatch, all kinds of IoT technologies that come hard … As we were saying, we live in an increasingly super-populated of different elements that keep us constantly connected world. And not only connected us, also the world around us.

While it is true that we find recent Supreme Court decisions beginning to put emphasis on the importance of this figure in the presentation of any means of electronic test. Keep in mind that these media are very popular in all kinds of cases (email, WhatsApp, photographs, computers, mobile …), so it would be logical to acquire more relevance in the legal framework.

“The offer of experts currently clearly exceeds demand”, we said the expert Javier Rubio sharp Alamillo. This is because what we were commenting about the intrusiveness that devalues the work load and the sector of people who are not actually formed.

Tail and side effects of the Computer Engineering is the only officially regulated in our country.

Your turn: what to do when they need your services?

Obviously the first thing you have to do is check that the person you have contacted is an expert entitled, collegial and able to carry out their work with the utmost professionalism possible. And it is that as we said before, the results in the trial can be very different depending on the type of professional you count…

Once we know that everything is in order, the expert is in charge of making aninitial analysis of the situation in which we are and will present the expert report. The logical thing is to be in as simple language as possible so that we understand without too much difficulty. The technicalities of this area is better to be avoided for a better understanding of the work to continue, although it is complicated (and even inevitable) in depending on what cases.

With this preliminary analysis gives us a budget as possible to what you see, and then we will negotiate fees and talk about how out is going to take work.

It is essential to treat the different cases, different situations that may occur and retribution if so. The more “tied” and as is by the two parties, much better. Note that the client-side surprises are avoided in the final bill (which is always appreciated).

Once we accept the budget and we signed we enter the first part of the funding. And for this we have two options: either on account of the expert or of the College to which it belongs.

Then the expert will collect all the evidence or evidence that is involved with the case to be treated, such as pen drives, computers, laptops, CDs, mobiles, etc. It is also more than likely be necessary to back these tests and notarized to avoid losing information at a given time. He will be responsible for assisting the judge or the Court, as we said at the beginning, to understand what the situation of your client.

If you are interested in this world, here are some tips from the pros

If you are Computer Engineering or Computer Engineer, if you are in draft or be about to start Grade, if you like this world and after reading this article think you could fit into this type of profile, well, here’s a few tips. Not a servant, if not two professionals active.

“The person who is interested in pursuing this profession would tell you to study, first, the official degree of Computer Engineering and, if possible, the official Master. Then, once obtained the qualification, you must collegians in your region and ask at the College for the next edition of the course of surveys to be organized that although it is not required to exercise, it is highly recommended” explains Javier Rubio Alamillo

“Finally, it should be kept always been and remember that take many years to work in this profession exclusively because the competition is very high and there are already many professionals in the market with a very strong track record,” he says.

Suso Merino, from Cedesa, gives us a lot of encouragement advice: “Study, surround yourself with peers that allow you to learn and gain experience, always go with the truth ahead and recognizes the limitations of each case. It is a very hard but rewarding work.”