Adding Life To Your Space With Tips In Setting Up Your First Freshwater Aquarium

If you want to add life to your space, you can set up the first freshwater aquarium in your space. Start by determining the ideal shape and size to fit your place. Visit your pet shops for some ideas.

The Ideal Place for Your Aquarium 
The place where there is less traffic in your space is the best room for your aquarium. Traffic brings changes in room temperature. It can promote the development of tank slime and bacteria. Stay away from windows. It may look attractive, but the sunlight can create abrupt changes on the temperature of your aquarium water.

Things you need for your aquarium
The basic things for your freshwater aquarium requirements are a fish tank, aquarium gravel, heater, fish food, aquarium filter, and the fish. Check out from your pet dealer about the kinds of fishes that can blend together.

Aside from these basic requirements, you have to purchase some equipment for maintenance. These include the test kits, aquarium vacuum, glass scrubber, pasta strainer, and some decorations like real or fake plants. Keep your decoration purchase to a minimum. Crowded aquariums are not healthy for your fishes.

You may also need to purchase water treatment. Tap water may contain chlorine and other chemicals that may harm the natural health of your precious fishes.

Steps in setting up your aquarium
Clean your tank with plain water, no detergents please. Do the same with your gravel. Add in your gravel and decorations in your fish tank. Fill up your aquarium with water.

Install the heater. Make sure the heater’s thermostat had adjusted to the temperature of the water before you can plug it on. Hook up the filter. Put the hood and your tank light on your aquarium. To practice precaution, use a drip loop on your power cords. You can now plug on your aquarium.

Wait until the cycle is over. Get your bag of fish and let it float on the tank for five minutes. Add some tank water to your fishbag to acclimatize them.  Let the bag float again for another five minutes and add more tank water. Repeat the sequence.

After fifteen minutes, you can now place your fish. Add in your fish one by one. This way, you can not disturb the health of your fishes and the biological system of your aquarium. By now the fishes have grown accustomed to the new home.

On the first day, allow your fishes to feel their new surroundings. It is not necessary to feed them. Give them freedom to explore their new home.

You can start feeding them with the right amount of food the next day. With your fish tank properly set up in place, now you have more life to your space.