Surviving Law School 101

Law school can be difficult enough. From lectures to exams, and even just the sheer amount of reading can be enough to make anyone feel the pressure. But the anxiety doesn’t have to keep building up from there. While law school might not be a picnic, there are several ways to keep your stress levels at a minimum while keeping your sanity intact and your motivation up.

The important thing to remember when times get tough, say around mid-terms or final exams, is that everything is temporary. Before you go gray, take a deep breath and tell yourself that before you know it, all the stress will pass. It’s also best to take a few small steps so you can keep stress at bay way ahead of time. Try on these easy steps to keeping your law school days happy and successful.

Stay Healthy
It’s not easy taking on a stressful situation when you’re not well equipped to handle it. Besides having all the right books and materials, make sure your body and mind have everything they need to limit stress, fight off sickness, and keep going strong. First and foremost, don’t let your nutrition go out the window, even if you’re seriously crunched for time. Eating right can leave you feeling refreshed and energized; no matter how much studying you have left. Furthermore, set aside time to exercise so your body can stay fit, and you can have a constant study break. Next, take advice from your 1st grade teacher: always wash your hands! Letting germs get in the way of your studying will only leave you tired and behind on work. And finally, don’t forget to sleep! Every now and then, an “all-nighter” will be unavoidable, but make sure you’re letting your body get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Your body and mind will feel rejuvenated and ready to handle anything law school throws your way.

Get A Life
Law school might feel all-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, having activities that don’t revolve around school can take your motivation to the next level when it comes time to hit the books. Keep up with your friends and plan study-free nights where law school won’t be a topic of conversation. Furthermore, find a creative outlet or hobby that lets you debrief after a big day of lectures. Whether it’s kite building or photography, having something other to do than re-read your lecture notes will be a refreshing change of pace and a comfort to look forward to. Finally, plan fun activities or getaways during school breaks or on weekends. An upcoming vacation might be just the thing to remind you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel when exams are looming nearby.

Be Studious
One of the best ways to limit stress is to be prepared for whatever law school throws your way. Most likely, you’ll know at the beginning of the semester when tests and projects will be due. Invest in a planner so you can write down those dates and plan your schedule to allow plenty of study time around the days you’ll need it most. If you manage your time wisely, you won’t feel the added pressure of cramming before the due date. Next, fall back on the study tips that got you through high school and undergrad. For instance, taking good notes will help you immensely when it comes to studying for a big test. Also, joining a study group can give you a support system and some additional help when it’s time to read the difficult chapters. And if all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Look for tutors or talk to your professor about getting some extra help during office hours. It might be more time consuming to put in more effort, but you’ll feel relieved when the next test rolls around you won’t be scratching your head! Any type of schooling can be difficult to learn, but with the right study tools you, won’t have to worry about falling behind or forgetting anything important.

Law school doesn’t have to be the most stressful time for any student. Taking the proper measures to stay healthy, be active, and study right can ensure the entire experience is a pleasant one.

From group projects to pop quizzes, anxiety could potentially be waiting for you in every classroom, and combating stress on a daily basis could leave you worn out. This semester, fight law school anxiety head on, and you’ll be acing papers and feeling happier in no time. Above all, a deep breath and a quick reminder will get your head on straight and keep you on track for a successful law school career.