If you are going to undertake, you must first learn to delegate

Starting a project, running a business is a tremendous illusion for an entrepreneur. Everything that we have had for a long time, even years, about how to do this or that thing now we have the opportunity to put it into practice. We want to have everything under control, take care of even the smallest detail so that everything is as we wish. And it is a mistake that is paid dearly. That is why if you are going to undertake, you must first learn to delegate.

Because the day only has 24 hours, and although you occupy all of them at the start-up you know it will be crazy. Maybe not, do not know, but in these cases the ideal is to talk to someone who has started your business or launched the company to give us a minimal orientation on what comes our way.

Because as much as we want, we’re not going to be on top of everything. And in the end instead of having all the details controlled, it will happen over us and we will not have control over anything. And the worst thing is that the people who work with us, those who help us start the company, will not be happy either, since if they need to talk to us so that we can make a decision, in many cases we can not even attend to them.

In this case we are always late. We do not answer and in the end everyone ends up doing what they think is convenient, for us or whatever is more comfortable for them. And the result is a tremendous chaos . Sometimes the main problem is that we do not know how to surround ourselves with the right equipment. To set up the place many times it is better to work with a project manager than to try to cover everything.

The same when making decisions in the company, products, suppliers, advertising or any other area of ​​the company. If we have known to select three or four collaborators, we have defined with them in different meetings how we want to work and lead the company, the work will be more supervision and coordination, which will be hard enough to carry it out. But we are not in the day to day detail.

This is the most complicated issue. Know how to choose well in whom we can delegate to help us with the start-up. If they are part of our team, we have to give them the importance in the organization they deserve. If they are collaborators, we can not fail, we have to select those contrasted professionals who have already been in other launches and have successfully conducted them.