Pathway to Recognition and Promotions

Ever wonder why some people lag behind in the race of life while other enjoys the fruit of success. Some people reaches the heights while some ponder over the question of their purpose in life similarly in a workplace some enjoy promotions and get recognized while other face hard luck in achieving them.

We always want to know the best possible ways by which we can increase our chances of winning and get promoted. If you want to increase the chances of your success in your organization and climb the ladder of success, then you can follow these simple strategies. These are simple means by which you can surely spark magic and achieve desired results.


A Perfect Way

Your immediate supervisor is chiefly and mainly responsible for your progress. He can either deteriorate your position or improve your status in firm. He can prove to be harmful or supportive in getting you a promotion. Your performance certainly makes an important mark but perceptions also play a significant role in getting an upper hand.

Always try to make positive and influential perceptions on supervisor thus making his workload easier and simpler. Try to reduce superior’s workload, eradicate the hassles your boss may be suffering from, avert problem for which your boss may be held responsible. By doing these simple tasks you will become more valuable to your boss and get noticed by him for your wonderful efforts. This will surely work for your advantage.

But this is not that easy as it sounds. Make sure you don’t take over the boss’s responsibilities while performing tasks for him. Try to find out your level of authorities and responsibilities and then work under them to the best of your abilities. This will act as a check and help you to do work without any fear or hassles.

Some Useful Tips

  1. Get yourself well acquainted with the attitude and behavior of your boss like what irritates him, makes him nuts and crazy. This will help you in gaining a better understanding of the boss.
  2. Try to find out the nature of the problem your boss is suffering from and help him within the limits of your authority and responsibility, thus helping him reducing his workload.
  3. Avoid yourself seen as a selfish and a manipulated employee working and helping boss just to get noticed or for increasing the perks. Act as if you are working for achieving the desired results with best of your abilities and not for scoring points as this may hinder your growth.

Always remember there are no guarantees in life. What you sow, so shall you reap. This is hundred percent true. Work to the best of your abilities, thereby reducing the burden of your boss and surely winning the game of life.