If you have a page on social networks, look at it because there is a customer waiting in line

It seems one of the most basic notions in digital marketing, to respond to comments, whether you have a blog for your personal brand, or if you are responsible for a small business. I know you are good, that the prices are competitive, but who has found you by chance, no.

Responding to messages that reach a small business is essential . Above all, if you intend to sell more, make yourself known, do not lose a sale or retain a customer. We already know that it is not fashionable to call a landline. In fact, many are disappearing.

There is always time to respond to a message if there is a potential client behind

The lack of time or being busy is not a valid answer, especially for those of us who work on different projects and we have to manage the minutes very well.

If you have a whole life physical store, where luckily, you still have a loyal clientele, it does not make sense to open a page in any social network if you are not going to visit it. Customers who browse and make their network comparisons about a product, seek an answer.

It is not necessary to reply in three minutes to a message, but also not take three days

Coherence and reality tells us that the marketplace is here to stay and if the purpose of your page is only to inform, update with photographs of the new products that are on display, you will notice that there is life behind that virtual showcase.

The absence of strategy in digital marketing, the Achilles heel of small business

It is not the first time that we talk about the scarce digital formation between SMEs and small business. We all know how to open a page on Facebook, but do we all know how to create a marketing strategy?

They are not excuses. There are many entrepreneurs of any age, who are unemployed are enrolled in all courses that exist in your city free to learn to sell in a different way.

Either you digitize, or you expire . That would be the motto. Above all, because if we know that the vast majority of customers make their purchases through the internet, if you do not know how to address them, you are losing a sales opportunity.

The investment in digital training is practically nil. In fact, some owners form on their own, and end up seeing results. Of course, the magic wand to open a page on Facebook or Instagram does not work on its own.