PassProtect is an extension for Chrome that alerts you when you use a hacked password

The security breaches are a recurring fact and the filtering of passwords is a bad thing to deal with. That’s why there are extensions like PassProtect that lets us know if a password we’re going to use has been exposed in a data breach. It ended up using bad keys.

This add-on, currently available for Google Chrome , makes it easier for us to know in real time and by means of a pop-up notification in the browser itself if a password we are entering has been hacked previously and, therefore, is unsafe.

PassProtect works with the software Have I Been Pwned and k-anonymity, a characteristic property of anonymized data

Given that most sites and services require only the strengthening of passwords, PassProtect will help us avoid simple and easy-to-discover keys by means of brute force or dictionary attacks.

Free, open source and secure

PassProtect works through the software of Have I been pwned , the service that allows us to know if any user account identified with our email has been compromised, and makes use of the k-anonymity property to make sure that they are never seen, stored or send passwords through the network during the verification process.

In addition, it is a completely free, open source and secure extension that can also be used on a website to improve user safety. It will be enough to include a single line of code.

Extensions like these remind us that simple passwords are easy to remember, but they involve exposing our accounts in an incredible way . Therefore, it is better to use a password manager , of the many that exist , than to leave the door practically open to a serious security problem.