How to know when to promote an employee

When you need to fill a position that involves management functions have the option to do so hiring someone external to the organization or promoting a promotion.

In either case ** someone who can effectively manage people is required, manage a budget, liaising with senior management ** and all this from the first day.

How to know when to promote an employeeA quality to look for in this situation is the conscience of the individual nature of management. A leadership role requires giving up some individual contributor tasks and take on new roles as team leader.

A good way to measure whether a candidate understands the role is to ask what they think is the direction, and how to act to lead a team in particular.

It can also be useful interested in knowing what direction management experiences and develops outside the workplace, for example, leading a youth sports equipment, children’s activities, a team of volunteers, etc.

It is possible that these experiences have enabled him to gain insight useful in the effective management and can be applied to the workplace.