How to plan your office relocation

Moving offices can be an exciting time for business owners and employees alike. But, there are a number of important things that you need to think about before the Office Removals London company such as turn up on moving day.

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Downtime – it is important that you think about the impact of the downtime for moving on your business. Do you plan to move when your offices are normally closed or are you going to have some members of staff working from a separate location that can still function throughout your move. In order for your move to be successful you should have all these plans in place before you start planning your moving day.

Boxes and labels – make sure that you clearly label your boxes and note where the boxes are to go in your new office. You can even ask your employees to pack up their desks and label the boxes with their names so that you know who’s computer is who’s and it can be easily unpacked when you get to your new location.

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Office plan – have a drawing of your new office layout ready to show your employees and the removal company so that your boxes and furniture items can be placed in the correct place when you get there. This means that you can get your desk and computer equipment set up quickly and your phone lines switched on so you can start taking business again.