Keeping your garden office nice and warm

Many of us have had to look for new ways to work from home and in some cases this has led us to build garden offices to house our Next Day delivery desks and office chairs so that we can safely work from home during this pandemic. Having a separate space away from your family living area is the best way to ensure that you are not easily distracted and you can work efficiently. If you are in need of any office furniture why not Get more info on what is available.

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If you have a garden office you may be wondering how you can keep this warm in the colder months of the year.


In a simple and inexpensive way, there are several choices for insulating garden rooms. Next, the bulk of new garden offices are now well insulated and close to modern homes. This is because the Building Regulations Act, which specifies u-values for floor, roof and wall insulation, targets them (u-values measure thermal performance).

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Remember too that when it comes to summer months, insulation is also important, as it will help you keep your garden office cool.


Reflective foils, with both foil-faced bubble wraps and multi-layered foils, help to minimise the transfer of radiant heat. Both of them are lightweight and quick to mount. In outdoor and garden offices, rigid isolation is very widely used because it has a high u-value, but is small. This ensures that, by its use, walls are not heavily padded and layered.