3 Ways to Make Money Online with Google

Many people are using internet in routine life. There are many ways through which money can be made by using internet. You can also Make Money Online with Google by following some steps.


Google is a search engine which is giving many types of services for users. There are many ways to make money online and Google is also giving options for users to make money. You can Make Money Online with Google by using the available options. These options are for all types of users. You have to work hard in order to take a good start.

It is not easy to make money online as there is a lot of competition. Many people start the process but cannot make money as they are not working hard. If you can work hard and focus on the job then online money making could be a full time career for you.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ads network from Google. This program is for those who have a website. Google checks the quality of website before approval. If the website is meeting the quality standards then the user is given codes which can be used in website. These codes are helpful for generation of suitable ads which are matching with the contents of sites.

Clicks on the ads will lead to money for the poster of ads. User must not click on the ads as it will lead to suspension of account. You can only advertise your website with ads to get traffic and clicks on the ads. Google checks the quality of sites and if any frauds are detected then they are not allowed to use the ads system.


Youtube is a program from Google in which movies are posted on internet. This site is giving options for users so that they can post movies and also see movies from others. These movies can be monetized with the help of ads. Users are able to post links in description in order to get traffic to their blog or other sites.

Users can make videos and post them for others. Those videos which are liked and shared by viewers are going viral and leading to a lot of money for posters. If you like to make videos then you can post them and monetize them with ads to make money.


Blogger is a service from Google in which the user is able to start a blog. Blogs can be started on any topic to post details for users. Affiliate links can be inserted in these blogs which can lead to sales and commissions. Followers for blogs can be obtained by sharing the blogs. If the details on the blog are good and useful the many followers will be attracted.

This will increase the size and viewers for blog which will lead to more traffic and sales. If you are good at writing and generating contents then you can make a free blog and post the details. You can share the blog with others who will check the details and could make purchases through your links.


Google is a useful site which is giving many options for making money. Many people are making a lot of money with Google and using the programs as a professional. If you can use the programs available at Google then you can make a lot of money. Try these programs and get benefits and money for your efforts.