LIMS for Environment & Water

The laboratories based on environmental testing and researches are continually expected to improvise their productivity time to time. They are expected to bring these improvisations without compromising over quality, following the compulsory regulations and also by remaining cost effective. This altogether isn’t a very easy task to carry out.

In earlier times many environmental laboratories relied majorly over traditional methods that is manually and on papers. These primitive methods were inefficient and prone to errors which may lead to company’s inability to come up with accurate results.

Laboratory Information Management System which can also be called as the LIMS system, provides an out of the box solution to the environmental laboratories. The system enables the workflows to fit into the unique need of every project initiated inside the environmental laboratory right from soil testing to wastewater testing.

Installing a laboratory information system inside an environment based lab helps the researchers to carry out complete environmental monitoring plan including test schedules and sampling plans. A perfect sampling plan recognizes the exact sampling points in single or numerous controlled environments and outlines the monitoring frequency. It also outlines precisely which tests must be performed over each sample collected. This may involve microbiological, chemical and physical analyses. Some tests are performed on monthly basis, for a particular sampling point, but rests of them are done on a quarterly or yearly basis. Distinct sampling points may have distinct needs.

All the explanations of tests are flexible plus the results as well as meta-data related to the tests may be taken and evaluated remaining within limits. The Results can be released to demonstrate the variations in results as the time passes or are sent forward to a statistics package for auxiliary analysis. Various alerts and act limitations can be mentioned for each test over every sampling site. The triggers can be built to make sure that no violations are done over these limits, if done they are immediately reported to the concerned staff members.

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