5 Ideas to keep your staff motivated

If you want to get the best out of your employees, you need them to feel motivated. Finding out why people are working for you and using that knowledge to positivity influence their productivity. Not everyone is motivated by money, with most employees citing job satisfaction and challenging environments as their motivation for having a certain job. Here are some ways you can motivate your staff:

  1. Invest in personal development

A commitment to personal development of staff will go a long way and in terms of development, investing in time is more effective than money. For staff to feel valued, it’s important to provide regular training, coaching and appraisals. It’s the only way to know how your staff feel and to discover what training and development needs might exist. By committing to consistent personal development plans, your staff will be more motivated, and retention will improve.

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  1. Focus on culture

Staff will be more motivated if their workplace is a fun place to be. Even if the tasks are dull, there is no reason for the environment to be miserable or boring. Think about creative ways you can make your workplace as enjoyable as possible. Creating a positive culture means your staff are appreciated. Encourage your team to take ownership of their results, foster pride in their team and show them the respect they deserve.

  1. Team Building

You don’t have to spend a fortune on corporate team bonding weekends. Effective team building is about getting to know each other, where each person fits into the team and positivity about every individual’s contribution. Think about activities that specifically address any problems that your business is facing. This has a two-pronged effect of bonding the team and helping the business. When planning social events, give them a specific person and they are more likely to be well-attended. This is incredibly important in industries such as financial and legal where staff have to interact with one another on the same clients files. For example a Divorce Solicitors Southend way may have an administrator and a solicitor all working on the same case. Team building helps to ensure that everyone plays their part and your employees feel like one big community.

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  1. Reward excellence

People enjoy respect, responsibility and room to grow when at work. The right culture will give them these things. People also love being told when they’re doing a great job. Your personal development plans and appraisals will help with this, but don’t overlook the rewards aspect. If you’re a small business with tight margins, perhaps offer additional leave instead of bonuses. Other perks could include tickets to events, gym memberships or store discounts.

  1. Say Thank You

No business would function without its dedicated staff. Many businesses forget the simple courtesy of just saying thanks every now and then. Show your gratitude and remember to thank your staff for all their continued hard work.