A Guide To The Best Budget Summer Holiday Locations For 2018

If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy a holiday abroad for the last year or two, maybe due to work commitments or financial difficulties but are looking ahead to 2018 with a sunny summer holiday abroad in mind, you may need a little guidance when it comes to finding a suitable location on a budget. With this in mind, read on for a guide to some of the best holiday locations available if you are working to a tighter budget;

Greece has always been a popular destination for the foreign tourist and despite the economic turmoil the country finds itself in at present, it is still set to be visited in its droves during 2018. Cheap flights coupled with affordable accommodation and bargain food and drink prices make it the perfect location to holiday for families and couples after a low budget option for a summer holiday.

With a range of beautiful sights to visit, sandy beaches to relax on and resorts suitable for all the family, whether you are looking to relax by the pool or enjoy nightclub parties every night, Greece is a stunning location to spend your summer week or two week break.

Although it may be quite expensive to get there in the first place, the reason Thailand is in the guide to the best budget holiday locations for 2018 is because of how cheap it is once you are there. Perfect for couples, families or backpackers, you can get by on next to nothing during the day as food, accommodation and entertainment is remarkably cheap.

From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok through to the stunning beaches of Phuket and Ko Phangan, there is something to suit everyone from those looking for a summer city break right through to those in need of a bit of peace and quiet away from it all. With prices for most things at about half the price you’d find them back at home, you will also be getting a lot more for your money and more than likely spending considerably less.

Turkey is renowned as being one of the very best budget holiday locations in the world as you can enjoy the sunshine in an array of great resorts at a very competitive price! Benefiting from very long seasons, sunshine is guaranteed throughout the summer season with prices not necessarily rising too greatly in the peak season.

Particularly popular with families, many hotels in the main resorts run children’s clubs to keep the kids entertained whilst the cost of food is very cheap so meals out won’t take up too much of the budget!

These are just three budget holiday locations for 2018, however, there are many more with the likes of Spain, Bulgaria and even Egypt offering affordable packages to families and couples who are looking to get away from the UK and enjoy a holiday abroad in the summer of 2018.