Airbnb Launches Its Own Typeface

It’s something that most web visitors are hardly aware of, but the style, size and shape of a typeface can have a big impact on your overall impression of a company. And it’s with this in mind that Airbnb has decided to create and launch its own unique typeface, which it intends to use across all its online and printed material.

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Airbnb Cereal

The new typeface is called Airbnb Cereal in a nod to the company’s early days. The young entrepreneurs behind Airbnb were struggling for cash when they hit upon the idea of marketing election-themed cereal during the McCain and Obama election campaign. This idea was credited with saving the company, and in memory of its success the typeface has been named Cereal as a lasting reminder that thinking outside the box can pay dividends.

It may seem a strange thing to do, but Airbnb is far from the only company taking this step. According to Design Week, Coca Cola has also developed its own typeface, known as TCCC Unity as shorthand for The Coca Cola Company.

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The Importance of Typography

As any web designer worth their salt knows, including, a leading website design company in Gloucester, typography can make or break a website. As website visitors, we barely notice details about the font, but on a subliminal level we are very aware of the overall look of the site.

Mixing font styles and sizes across a web page creates an impression of chaos. We may not realise that the typeface is to blame, but we are aware that there is a lack of continuity, which can cause us to doubt the brand altogether.

By the same token, a site that has been enhanced by well-thought-out typography gives a calm and contained impression. We are soothed and reassured that everything is as is should be – that this is a brand that we can trust.

Even the smallest of details, such as whether or not a typeface is serif or sans-serif, can have an impact on the website’s credibility, so it pays to get it right. Unless you happen to be skilled in graphic design, this is best left to the experts who understand how to manipulate the web visitor through correct use of typefaces, leading to a more effective website overall.