How To Keep Your Corporate Event Entertaining

Are you in charge of planning the entertainment for an upcoming business event? Terrified everyone will be yawning their way through the evening? Or disappearing outside to ‘take a phone call’ never to return? Well, don’t fear, here are some great ideas for corporate entertainment that will get your guests involved and keep them glued to their seats all night long.

Improv Comedy:

Loads of people book a comedian for their event. They may even be able to tailor their material to your business. But how about a whole comedy show where the material is dictated by the audience? Book an improv comedy group and get your employees and guests involved in dictating the antic on stage. Not only will you get a great, bespoke performance, you’ll also keep your whole audience engaged with the event through their own participation.

Caricature Artist:

Corporate parties can be a great chance for everyone to relax and see a different side of each other. Why not make it a chance for them to see a different side of themselves? Hire a caricature artist and your guests will get a fun experience and a unique memento to take home. A constant reminder of what a great night they had at your event.

A Mentalist:

You’ve probably heard of Derren Brown. Maybe even seen some of his shows. But did you know that mind readers like these are available to book for corporate events? Derren Brown’s has redefined the traditional magic show for modern audiences, combining illusions and psychological manipulation to astound audiences. These shows are entirely built around audience interaction, meaning the entertainment will be completely focused on your guests, giving a unique and memorable experience.

Employee Talent Show:

Everyone secretly thinks they belong on stage, right? Well, okay, maybe not everyone, but I’m willing to bet your company has more than a few who think they’ve got what it takes to sing, dance, make balloon animals or otherwise perform for the entertainment of others. So why not make a night of it and organise your own talent show? By getting everyone to vote for their favourites you can really include everyone, while giving those brave enough to get up on stage a chance to shine.

Bespoke Flash Fiction:

Flash fiction novelists who’ll write your life story for you in under a minute can be a really fun corporate entertainment option. Try advertising for local writers of flash fiction (super short stories) and see if they’d be willing to ply their trade at your event. You could get them doing quick micro-interviews with each of your guests, to produce a series of funny, bespoke stories or mini-biographies. Why not put these around the office or even on your company website so clients and new employees can quickly see a human side to who they’re working with?

Hopefully these ideas will have given you some inspiration for your corporate event, but whatever you do, try and keep audience participation in mind as a great way to keep people engaged and keep them having fun. Good luck!