An introduction to brand positioning

The term “brand positioning” may seem vague, but it has a simple definition. In short, it is the foundation your brand is built upon. 

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Whether you have many products to sell or just one, brand positioning is the cornerstone of any business success. Let’s start with the basics and consider what a “brand” actually is. Your brand is how you make your customers feel and how they see you. Brand positioning involves creating a unique and individual idea of your brand in a consumer’s mind. There are three core things to consider when positioning your brand:

-Differentiation – How you can set yourself apart from competitors
-Credibility – What your product is good at
-Relevance – How you interpret and understand consumer demands

The first thing you need to do in order to get to grips with brand positioning is research your potential customer base. It’s important to gain insights into consumer needs and demands in your area of business as this will help you position yourself in the most effective way possible. From this starting point, other key elements of branding – such as tone of voice, core belief, and brand essence – can be developed. 

Developing your brand’s essence affects everything to do with the design direction you take moving forward. This stage of brand development will determine how you write website copy, for example, or the style with which you connect with consumers via social media. 

While it’s true that brand positioning isn’t needed by every company out there, it’s definitely something every business should at least consider. Defining your company’s uniqueness gives you an edge when approaching retailers and provides an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from competitors. Effective brand positioning enables you to set out clearly why your product is important. A Gloucestershire branding agency can help in this area. Broadening your range of products is also much easier when you have an effective and established brand position. 

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In conclusion, although your company may not need to fully establish a brand position, it’s very useful to at least consider the key elements of effective brand positioning in relation to your products. Brand positioning can help you drum up new business as it shows consumers and retailers what your product is all about and how you’re different from the competition.