Hop on the Magic School Bus

Children’s television has always been a place where there is a degree of learning involved. If you can combine this with humour and fun, then you get to the realms of what is sometimes termed “edutainment”. This was certainly the case with the 1994 production of The Magic School Bus. The premise was simple; Some school children from the USA would get to go on school trips on the bus driven by the magical Ms Frizzle (who may be a witch). An adventure then ensued with the kids using their intelligence to help solve problems on the way.

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The bus was able to go back in time, outer space and also the human body. She could probably have done with a School bus booking and management system, like that from https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/school-bus-booking-and-management-system.aspx, to help with getting things organised.

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The kids on the bus are the usual bunch of North American kids. The adventurous “jock” types and then the one, Arnold, who would rather stay in the classroom as opposed to risking their lives travelling through the upper stratosphere of the Planet Mars or attempting to exit Ralphie’s body through his nose.

The show was top-rated and spawned a Netflix reboot some years later. This also proved to be a hit as parents got their kids to watch it. A live-action film starring Elisabeth Banks as Ms Frizzle is also in the works.