How Can A Business Protect Against Falls?

There is no question that one of the biggest safety hazards that face workers is falls. Falls not only can lead to lost man hours and reduced workforce; it can lead to workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits. The OSHA was put into place to protect workers from hazardous conditions, and there are a variety of protection measures that a business can put into place to ensure their workers’ safety. These will not only improve working conditions, but protect a business from possible liability. These measures can range from everything from guard rails to disposable shoe covers. So let’s take a look at the possible hazardous conditions and solutions to ensure a safe working environment.

A Secure Workplace
The OSHA was created to protect workers from hazardous conditions. Because of this, it has put into place many measures to prevent falls in the workplace. Several of these measures include guarding every floor hole a worker may walk on, providing a guard rail around every elevated open-sided runway, platform or floor, installing guard rails when there is a danger that a worker can fall into machinery and provide safety harnesses and lines to ensure that if a worker loses his step on an elevated area, he won’t get hurt.

Another area where a business can protect against falls and other conditions is through the correct gear, including disposable shoe covers.

Protective Gear
There’s no question that a job where someone is on their feet a lot requires the right gear to ensure protection. Work boots, for example, ensure that a worker’s feet are protected. They protect against harmful chemicals that a worker’s feet might come into contact with and provide the traction necessary to offset the slippery conditions that might be present when working in slippery conditions, like those that involve ice, oil or other elements. Disposable shoe covers work here as well because they can be fitted over boots and other footwear to ensure protection. They are also a low-cost solution, so there are no excuses for a business to make sure its workers are outfitted with the right protective gear.

There’s no question that falls are a reality for many workers in a variety of industries. Because of this, businesses need to do their part to protect their workers to prevent accidents and lost man hours. From adhering to the OSHA regulations to outfitting its workers with the right protective gear, businesses should do their part to ensure good fall protection. It just makes good business sense.