Important SEO Tips to Increase Sales

Search engine optimisation can be seen from two different and ultimately oppositional viewpoints. Either you perceive it as an opportunity to game the system and secure a shortcut to a higher ranking for brief gains, or it can be accepted as part of a long term strategy to improve the quality of your company’s online presence in a way that brings tangible benefits for all.

Important SEO Tips to Increase Sales

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The latter approach is clearly more useful for companies that are looking to generate sales online through an e-commerce site. And there are some important things to remember about organic SEO if you want to make the most of the modern market.

Do not get bogged down by keywords

Keywords used to be the driving force behind SEO, which is why onsite content would often be peppered with awkwardly worded phrases, inserted in the hopes that a certain number of mentions would result in a better position on Google’s SERPs.

Algorithmic improvements have made this somewhat redundant, so while keywords are still worth researching, it is better to focus on creating quality content which is both unique and engaging, irrespective of how many times a keyword or phrase is featured.

Make mobile optimisation a priority

Mobile optimisation is not just a luxury that firms can take or leave, but a crucial part of appealing to the millions of potential customers who now carry out searches solely through their smartphones and tablets.

Responsive site design is the best way to achieve this, since it means the same domain can be used by all visitors, and the desktop functionality of a site remains intact for mobile users, ensuring sales are slickly handled and conversions can increase.

Take PPC seriously

SEO should not be your only avenue for generating sales online, as paid search ads can be a great way to raise the profile of your company without having a solid organic rank in the first place.

While PPC does not have a direct impact on SEO, it’s worth a serious consideration.  Why not consult an expert marketing agency like Dublin SEO for more info.
Speed up your site

Page load speed is not just a factor which is taken into consideration when your site is ranked by search engines; it is also the thing which determines whether a sale is made or a customer lost to a rival.

This is truer than ever at a time when mobile use is through the roof and people are less tolerant of sluggish load speeds than ever. So streamline your design, eliminate extraneous elements that put added pressure on bandwidth, and also check that you have a hosting package which is built to cope with the expectations placed on it in the modern era.

Although commentators often talk of the death of SEO, especially since social media has risen to prominence in the past decade, it remains key to any sales growth strategy for businesses eyeing digital expansion.