Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: An ultimate verdict

In September 2014, Samsung finally surprised its whole smartphone fans range with an unusual device called Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. In past two years, there were rumors that Samsung was working on some another form factor device but the launch of Note Edge surprised all the fans, as it was too early to see something special like this.

Galaxy Note Edge consists of the most powerful hardware snapdragon 805 chip and a quad-core processor. And 3GB RAM is making its performance to the next level. No doubt, in hardware it is an exact copy of Note 4.

Software and S Pen stylus

The operating system used in the Note Edge is Android 4.4.4, complete with original shell Samsung TouchWiz. At first glance, the interface is not much different from what we have seen recently in the Galaxy Note 4, however, the use of a curved screen is different. On the desktop, smartphone, as laid down no lower row of icons and application key rings and menus, are in the right and lower-left corner of the screen.

Formed on the bend of the display face can display more information, such as application icons, calendar widget, s Health, weather alerts, and other panels that you can download in the store Galaxy Apps.

When entering a menu or start an application sidebar disappears and becomes active, minimizing the possibility of accidental clicks.

You can call it a gesture of swiping from the edge of the verge of the display. Scrolled panel short movement from right to left or vice versa, if you hold your finger down from the top side face, a menu of additional applications. It includes the line, timer, stopwatch, flashlight and voice recorder.

Lateral side more often than not involved in running applications, and it allows you to display additional information on it. For example, it is possible to directly receive incoming calls or reset. Some applications may use the sidebar to display on it elements of its interface. For example, in the application S Note on it displays the tools to create notes.

The store Galaxy Apps there is even a separate section, which contains such “advanced” applications, but their number idoes not even reachten.

It is also interesting that the side panel can be used when the display is off. To do this, hold a finger on it, and then, without turning on the main screen, it will appear in the image of time, weather and date.

Here you can scroll through the panel, and, for example, to see scheduled for today calendar events. Panel also has a night mode robots in the specified period of time, it can display the time, thus turning, Note Edge in the hours that you can put on the nightstand beside the bed.

It is important to note that in Note Edge, as well as in Note 4, using the stylus S Pen, as well as the available firmware application to create notes S Note.

As for the S Pen, it can recognize up to 2048 degrees of depression, tilt, turn, and speed of movement. If you press the button on the S Pen, placing the stylus on the screen, it will appear on a circle with a menu of four items.

Working with S Pen on Galaxy Note Edge is as interesting as working with Galaxy Note 4. It seems like Samsung smartphones are now going through a revolution and we would witness similar in the upcoming phones like Galaxy Note 5.