Six supermarket shopping habits that the staff hate

Calling into the supermarket is a necessary chore for most of us. Perhaps you try to avoid visiting when it is at its busiest, or perhaps you are used to piling your children into the trolley and getting around as quickly as you can? However you shop, bear in mind the staff, who can’t escape regardless of how busy it gets. Check out this list of the six pet hates of supermarket workers, which might make you think twice next time you shop.

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Abandoned shopping trolleys

One of the most irritating things for shop workers is when customers abandon their supermarket trolley to have a wander through the store. This not only takes up valuable space in the aisles but is also a hazard.

Unnecessary rudeness

Manners cost nothing, so a please and a thank you should be the least a supermarket worker can expect in return for their assistance. Equally, shop workers say they resent being unfairly judged by disrespectful customers who look down on their job.

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Returning trolleys

Not remembering to reattach the trolley to those of the same size also proves irritating. Whether a big trolley has been used or a compact one from a supplier such as, remember to return your trolley to the correct place.

Self-service checkouts

While not everybody is a fan of the self-service checkout, it is a good idea to follow the instructions if you are going to use them. Workers reported being fed up with shoppers who complain about not being able to pay when all they need to do is hit the ‘finish and pay’ button.

Complaining about stock

If something is no longer in stock, it is not the fault of the shop worker. Keeping complaints to a minimum would be greatly appreciated, as would remembering your manners and not losing your temper.

Weekend greetings

It may be Friday evening and you may have a lovely weekend ahead, but some supermarket staff will still be working on Saturday and Sunday. Bear this in mind when you are telling them how glad you are that it is the weekend.

Next time you head to the supermarket, be kind and remember to spare a thought for the long-suffering staff who have to put up with questionable customer behaviour around the clock!