The Basics Of Cat Care Essentials


Pets play a very important role in the lives of many people. Pets can add fun, companionship and a feeling of security to our lives. Having a pet is a wonderful experience. They can significantly reduce stress and provide us with unconditional love and affection. A healthy pet requires more than a yearly visit to the vet for routine shots and checkup. Yes, your pets’ well-being requires regular maintenance and care. Cats are wonderful pet options as they can interact and follow their owner’s lead. The cats’ purr is evidenced to lower blood pressure and stress levels and most of all a cats’ love are unconditional. Proper care of your cats can keep them both healthy and happy.

Tips on how to properly care for your kitten or cat:

Owning and caring for a cat can be really great fun and a rewarding experience too. If you are a newbie and never owned a cat before then you have to know in advance precisely what taking care of a cat would involve. Cats and kittens need five basic things to be happy and healthy. Remember, a new kitten deserves the best possible start in life.

1. Environment: First and foremost of all you have to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your cat to sleep and take rest. They generally need a cozy bed in a quiet and dry place. High places provide them a sense of security in the living environment. Hence you can place them on top of cupboards too.
2. Company: Cats are basically solitary animals and prefer to be alone. Hence if you wish to have multiple cats then it is the owner’s responsibility to provide additional litter trays and bowls. Living together with other cats can cause stress in them. If you go on a long holiday then it is advisable to arrange someone responsible to care for your cats or hire a professional pet sitter or leave them in catteries.
3. Diet: A nutritious and well-balanced diet is essential to maintain the health of your cat. As cats are carnivores it is advisable to feed them an absolute commercial diet to attain a perfect balance of nutrients. Kittens start to eat solid food from three months onwards and they need small four to five meals a day up to six months. Besides feeding your cat with a healthy balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs they should be fed the right amounts in order to avoid obesity. Cat obesity is the biggest health problem encountered in cats. Healthy cat treats can be provided occasionally to avoid obesity.
4. Behavior: Early socialization is very crucial in shaping the behavior as it paves the way for friendly and well-adjusted cats. Hence kittens should be given lots of positive experiences.
5. Health: Kittens should be vaccinated against potentially harmful diseases. Vaccinations strengthen the immunity power of your kittens or cats. Vaccinating your cat assures you the peace of mind that they are properly protected. See that they receive routine preventive treatments for fleas and worms also. Over-the-counter flea and worm treatments are available. Fleas can cause skin irritation and hence it is best to buy flea medications. You can find the best price for comfort in cat supplies online. Remember, cats should also be groomed regularly.


Simply feeding, grooming and taking your cat to the vet regularly do not fulfill their needs and requirements. You should spend some time with them by cuddling and petting them which will create a strong and loving bond for the years to come.