The best drinks on earth

Even if you are not much of a drinker, it will not be difficult for a delicious cocktail to seduce you. No doubt, water is the most popular of all drinks ever, but as you travel around, you might like to taste other drinks in the countries that make them best.

Coffee in Ethiopia

Discovered in this beautiful country, coffee is a great gift to human beings. It can come in many varieties – strong and mild, short and long, latte and mocha, cappuccino and Americano.

Tea in Britain

British love tea, but many other nationalities adore it too. In Japan, the drink is associated with a complex ritual. This is the most widely consumed drink on earth after water.

Coca-Cola in the United States

Invented in 1886, today this is among the most recognizable non-alcoholic drinks on earth. Today it comes in many varieties, including Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, etc.

Chocolate milkshake in the United States

This is a very popular shake in the States, used at the end of the family dinners. Not that healthy though.

Red wine in Bulgaria

A glass of red wine is very good for the health and this is a fact. Bulgaria is the country with one of the best wines in the world, but so are also South Africa, Argentina, and Chili, Spain and Portugal.

Beer in Belgium

Almost all people love to drink beer and it is widely produced. The best breweries work in Belgium, but also in the Czech Republic and Ireland. Beer goes well with pizza and sausages.

Scotch whiskey in Scotland

Scotch whiskey is a real classic drink. It comes blended or in single malt. Some people like with on the rocks, but the best is to try it neat and enjoy its aroma.

Sake in Japan

Sake comes in small cups and has a very strong flavor. It can be served hot, chilled or with a room temperature and has a cool dry flavor.

Champagne in France

French love that drink as it symbolizes luxury and great lifestyle. It is used during celebrations as it has light, fizzy and crisp taste. You should stay at Apartment in Paris in case that you want to feel how they do it in France.

Martini in the United States

This fantastic cocktail comes in many varieties nowadays, but the best one is the oldest one – vermouth, gin and olives. Mm mm…

Tequila in Mexico

A visit in Mexico will not be complete without a night out, drinking tequilas. If you are a big group of people, then get a bottle, some lime, salt and make a party to remember… or not.

Raki in Turkey

Drink made of figs or grapes, a kind of aperitif with strong flavor before or after dinner. It is ideal with seafood, cheese, melon.

Mojito in Cuba

This cocktail was invented here aiming to be simple and fresh. It is a mixture of while rum, sugar, lime and mint, plus some soda water.

Caipirinha in Brazil

This is a kind of national cocktail in Brazil, based on sugarcane rum and a lot of lime.

Sangria in Spain

This is a carbonated wine with a sweet flavor and fruits, something like a punch. It is a very popular drink in Spain, especially during the summer. You can add some brandy in it to make it stronger. There are a lot of places in Spain where you can try it. We recommend you visit for example a street bar in Madrid, where you can also find Madrid apartment for a longer stay.

Eggnog in England

Usually prepared for the Christmas night, this is a sweet drink of beaten eggs and milk plus some alcohol, served warm.

Pina Colada in Puerto Rico

The drink mixes pineapple juice with coconut milk and rum. Ideal during the holidays.

Sex on the beach in the United States

This cocktail with a catchy name is made of orange juice, peach schnapps, vodka and cranberry juice.