Types of Automobile Services and Important of Car Service

A car requires maintenance on periodic basis in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. A car service will be of immense benefit to the longevity of the car.

Importance of Servicing the Car

  • A regular plan for a car servicewill ensure that the car can be kept running for a longer period of time in perfect health.
  • While servicing a car it can certainly be a costly process, but it will still be cheaper in the long run. Minor problems can be repaired for little money. If they are not repaired then they might result in major problems and then might cost a lot of money for repairs.
  • The damage to the car can be extensive if servicing is not performed on a regular basis. The problems can multiply and increase in intensity. The car can become completely stranded in the middle of the road or in the middle of nowhere if the servicing is not performed.
  • Accidents are a major possibility if servicing is not performed. Problems can crop up in some of the crucial components of the car and this could be detected during servicing. These problems can undermine the safety of the car and put everyone inside at risk.

Types of services

A car can undergo different types of services dependent on the amount of money that an owner is willing to spend.

Oil change

This is usually the most affordable kind of car service that is available. Very minor checks are done in this kind of service. The major maintenance takes place in the oil department. The car is completely drained of oils and then the new oil is poured in. The oil filter is also replaced in this process. Old oil can be problematic for the car to use and this is why it needs to be replaced if the car is not used on a regular basis. The exhaust system, the lights and the tires are also checked in this kind of service.

Safety Maintenance

In this kind of car service, the safety and security systems of the car are checked and the proper maintenance procedures are performed. All the basic checks associated with oil change services are performed in this kind of service as well. The various fluids in the car like lubricants and coolants are checked and refilled. The belts and hoses are also checked in this regard. The battery of the car is tested. A number of safety systems like handbrakes are checked in order to see if they are properly working. An inspection of the vehicle safety is also performed.

The Major Service

This happens to be a much comprehensive and thorough car service. Almost all the major components of the car are inspected for problems. All the fluids of the car are completely replaced and refilled. This includes the brake fluids, the lubricants, the coolants and the fuel. The safety systems will also be thoroughly checked. The engine of the car will be reviewed and tested. A diagnostic scan of the entire system may be run by the mechanic agency. The air filters and the fuel filters will be replaced along with the spark plugs.

The Complete Service

This is the most thorough service performed by mechanics and it is generally recommended on a yearly basis or at least once every two years. This complete service takes everything in the car into account. All major and minor components are closely scrutinized for faults including the screws and wiring arrangement. Wear and tear is located in the components which are then replaced. The entire car is taken apart and put together in order to ensure that there are no problems in it.