Vital SEO Metrics You Need to Track

Anyone who knows even a little about getting traffic to a website is aware that good SEO practice is necessary. Using SEO to improve your website’s search position involves a lot of work, and it’s not a one-off task. One of the most important elements in measuring a number of metrics using analytics programs. Without looking at these measurements, such as bounce rate and conversions, you can’t tell how successful your efforts are. They indicate what is working well and what isn’t, so you can adjust your tactics to get better results. Whether you do your own SEO or outsource it, make sure you don’t ignore these important metrics.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the proportion of people who click on a link to your website and leave right away. If you have a high rate, it could be an indication that your ads are misleading or that your site is ranking for the wrong keywords. It could also be a number of other things, such as your site looking out of date. It’s important to pay attention to your bounce rate. It could suggest you’re using the wrong keywords and subjects to optimize your site.

Conversion Rate

Keeping an eye on your conversions is essential too. If you’re getting lots of visitors, but it’s not leading toward any of your goals, whether it’s a purchase or newsletter sign up, something isn’t right. The problem could be in your SEO, indicating that you’re using the wrong keywords. However, it could be that you’re getting the SEO right and not continuing with your good work with the rest of the site. You might need to improve your navigation, make calls to action clearer or declutter your homepage.

Organic Traffic

You need to know how well your paid advertising is doing for bringing in traffic, but organic traffic from SEO is a high priority too. You can read about how important it is and just how difficult it is to get right at You need to watch not just how much organic traffic you have coming in, but which pages it’s going to as well. You can find out more about why those particular pages are attracting the most traffic. It might not be because of the keywords you used but the wider content of the page instead.

Visitor Growth

You’ll obviously be watching how your traffic is growing, but make sure you separate the new visitors from previous ones. You want to know why new people are brought to your site, not just why existing ones have been coming back. As well as your traffic going up in general, you want new visitors to be increasing all the time too.

Of course, all of these metrics don’t mean much if they don’t lead to a rise in profit. Use the money you’re making as the ultimate metric. If you’re bringing in lots of traffic but you’re not making any more money, something isn’t working. The answer may or may not be in your SEO.