Create a website in a few clicks with WebSite X5

The software solution to create blogs, websites and e-commerce with the drag and drop technique and the most complete tools. WebSite X5 is a Windows program that does not require monthly fees like other portals.

The need to create a website with the do-it-yourself, without having technical knowledge and programming skills is widespread. Often, those who want to open a website are forced to turn to very expensive industry professionals, or to use one of the many online portals that allow you to create web portals, buying packages that provide a monthly fee. Fortunately, there are effective software solutions to create websites, such as that offered by WebSite X5. Incomedia WebSite X5 v14 is a complete and easy to use tool that allows you to create blogs, websites and e-commerce portals, without even knowing a line of programming. This software it does not require monthly fees and is purchased only once, forever. Moreover, thanks to the dedicated technical support, it is possible to consult the experts, in any case.

Create a website with WebSite X5

One of the peculiarities of this software is the fact of being able to create a website easily, being guided by suggestions and the simple windows of the application. Once installed, WebSite X5 allows you to choose among numerous graphic templates, divided by genre and category, the fonts (including Google Font), text styles and graphic customizations. With simple clicks you can create a site structure that we want to publish and preview it within the program. You can choose and use many elements and modules such as buttons, tool tip on mouse over, graphic effects and text fields. In the “Map” session of the application it is possible to create a personalized structure of the pages that will represent our project, assigning for each of it the desired name. Pages can be created and populated with elements, text and images, with the drag and drop technique or simply by selecting the items available from the menus. The final project can be exported locally to the PC and uploaded via FTP to your PC hosting (included with the Evolution license).

Traditional site, Blog or E-Commerce: everything is possible

WebSite X5 is a complete software that allows you to create any project to publish online. The creation of websites or blogs takes place naturally, thanks to the constant guidance of the program and simple clicks on the screens. For those wishing to create an e-commerce independently can do so safely, setting the project as an e-commerce cart. It will be possible to create the product catalog, to use the integrated order management module and to create the customer details. WebSite X5 is a turnkey software to create websites, very easy to use and working on a Windows platform. The program is available in three purchase versions starting from $19.99 for the Start version without hosting. The Evolution version is the best-selling one, costs $69.99 one-off and includes domain and hosting for a year and everything needed to create a site easily. WebSite X5 can also be tested for free by downloading the demo version of the application.