Being Unhappy at Work – How to Report Problems and Making a Constructive Dismissal Claim

We all want to be happy at work – after all, we spend a large part of our lives there! However, for some people, their health suffers when they are at work when it makes them unhappy, and they feel that they have no choice but to resign.

Here are just a few reasons that someone may feel that they have to resign from their job…

If you are being forced to work in conditions that are not safe, or not suitable for the requirements of the job

If you are being bullied at work – this can be verbal bullying, physical bullying or cyber bullying or even a combination

Not being paid for the work that you have done as agreed in your contract

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These are just a few reasons, but there are many more. Before you hand in your notice, the first thing to do is to speak to your manager, or to your HR representative, or if you have one, your trade union representative. This may help to resolve the issue.

When this does not work and your only option is to resign, then you may be able to make a constructive dismissal claim. Ensure that you state in your resignation letter the reasons for your resignation.

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If you are making a constructive dismissal claim, you should seek out a professional who specialises in this, like Employment law friend constructive dismissal claim experts as then you will have the help and support you need with the legal side.